Recruitment for English teacher; job for pleasure in Toyama

Great thanks!

for visiting our website. We need your power; your voice of English-cultural contexts. Simply to say, we need English teachers.

"otonone-おとのね-" is the name of our tremendously unique and extraordinary wonderful school based on the theory of development and psychology of children.

Please read my message below and feel at your heart. We are waiting for your message.

Students' life in Japan

In the realm of medicine and phycology or so, Asian concept of "totality" is imported to Europe-Western cultures. Zen, Ki, Meditation and Mindfulness worth learning for many people living in this modern era. Societies in Japan, however, are out of this great cultural resources. Worrying about unpredictable future, most children lost their totality, confidence and a fine place to become what they are. If you are ALT, you might easily understand the situation in the school.

Our idea

Not accelerating the mind distortion and teaching English for children, we are making plans to set a place for enhance their power of "second language" so that they go ahead beyond Japanese cultural, social situation. We believe learning English encourages them to make competence against stress. Here we come, you are not "ALT" but "HLT"; Human language teacher. I need your humanity and humor. I wish WE WILL talk more about our idea for sharing our experience so that we can work or play together with our students.


Words always are not enough to get us closer. How about visiting us and having a cup of tea(or coffee or delicious Toyama water)? That's the point. We need your power, power of your voice, sound from another world. Join us and introduce new world to our students by speaking a language from another world, your mother country; English.


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