01 Arrange music

Music described in the text wants to change its posture like actor’s costume. Arrangement of music already composed can change the character of the music, which give new contexts and patterns to the story. Some texts demand the specific kind of music like “A Streetcar Named Desire”, which could be filled with Jazz music.

Develop to another style

foggy dew(folk song):original(historical)

foggy dew: arranged1

foggy dew: arranged2

Arirang(folk song):original(historical)

Arirang:arranged (guitar)

Arirang:arranged (orchestra)

Mixing two melodies into one music.

Voice of 지경 ( voice of hitting the ground so that something bad gets out of the place) : original

Song of 신고산 ( folk song )

Arranged music (made for curtaincall of play named “혈맥”)