Let sound speak.
Let sound silent.
Sound acts on the stage.
Listen! The air is speaking.


Composer, Poet, Director

My first work is Macbeth. I met the director Alexander Zeldin in Korea. I had trained there as an actor and he found my talent as a composer; he took me also as a director though
. He found me. That is my first job for the theater. As a composer, I felt my music weaves the all thread of component in the theater into the text.Not only in the theater, people have power. My mission is amplifying the power of all lives in this world by the sound. As he found me, I hope I shall find someone.

 2011 May : The Ugly One (Best 3 in Korea)
 2013 April : The Golden Dragon (Best 7 in Korea)

The rain sound Alex heard and I was found; found as a director. Do you find me?

I like to make my music weave the threads of voices in the world into the texts.



Let sound speak.
Let sound silent.
Sound acts on the stage.
Listen! The air is speaking.

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